Anti mosquito pin to protect against virus transmission

                                                                      by contact between humans                                          
  This mosquito repellent badge emits an inaudible sound,
                                                     it is non-polluting, chemical-free, and completely harmless.
                                    Miniature and portable, Moustiko is most effective when placed close to its user (pin).

 mouskito pin or badge anti-mosquito electronic non-polluting chemical-free  Non-polluting mosquito badge without chemical insecticide indoor outdoor portable electric hunting mosquito away nature sea mountain river effective brooch children baby moustiko
  mouskito pin or badge anti-mosquito non-polluting chemical-free     mouskito pin or badge anti-mosquito electronic non-polluting     

                      badge anti-mosquito electronic non-polluting indoor outdoor portable inaudible device   
                                                                       Video Canal +

   badge anti-mosquito electronic non-polluting i portable inaudible device This mosquito repellent badge emits an inaudible sound,
    . the principle of high sound vibrations 22 K hertz (inaudible) to ward off mosquitoes has been around for a very long time, indeed American soldiers during the Vietnam War were equipped with a device of the same type to ward off male mosquitoes, you should know that only the female mosquitoes bite and this during the laying of the eggs and during this period the female mosquitoes flee from the males, it was therefore necessary to imitate the noise of the male mosquitoes to scare away the female mosquitoes and it works, but the device must be placed close to its user so a badge.


   for 1 pièce : 9 E

   for 2 piéce : 7,5 E  piéce

   for 3 piéce : 7 E piéce
   for 6 piéce : 6,5 E piéce
   for 12 piéce : 6,25 E piéce
   for 24 piéce : 6 E piéce
   for 48 piéce : 5,75 E  piéce
   for 96 piéce : 5,5 E   piéce



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